(Pressing-please assist) what is that this development on my shrimp, fungus/micro organism/algae?

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  1. In my years here I’ve not seen something like that and don’t remember anything like that from the Common Diseases link/info.

    I agree it’s not the usual parasites since it’s deadly (they aren’t, more cosmetic), unaffected by salt is unusual as most critters cells can’t handle the different osmotic pressure, which leads to more basic classification questions.

    Color fits fungal, immobile fits fungal, causing death as well. Odd to infect different species with healthy immune systems though.

    If it’s the fruiting body of a fungal infection, that would make sense at killing the shrimp and not being affected by salt/heat. Have you tried any antifungal treatments?

    That’s the direction I’d go, and I’d worry about spores in the water/tank.

  2. Are shrimp milk disease or porcelain disease other possibilities? Hope you figure it out.

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