1. yeah that shrimp is berried

    and yeah, in general most fish will have a go at anything that fits in their mouth, you got kinda lucky if your betta not interested in adults, some just go for them but some dont care

  2. Even the neons will have a pick at them. If you have a lot of cover plants and stuff they should be ok. They grow to safe sizes pretty fast.

  3. Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

  4. If you have access to it add a big clump of Java moss in your tank. Great place for little ones to hide and eat

  5. I currently have several baby shrimp in my tank with red Neons. As long as they have hiding spots, they have a chance to survive although some are probably going to end up as a snack, but that’s why shrimp have so many eggs to begin with.

  6. Yes and yes

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