1. You are in the place. Also do some research as well so that you have a nice knowledge base.

    Following for my next tank as well. My first tank was a fluke I feel.

  2. Your list looks good, I have only done neocardina shimp but have a few color varieties. From what I have heard neocardina are much easier to care for than the Caridina ones so I would stick to any of those. I think an instant cycle is bs. I used a couple of products and fritzzyme was one of them but I would still wait and test ammonia for a few weeks after you think it’s cycled and then add shrimp. I got powdered ammonia and mixed with distilled water and just added to the tank with a syringe until I got a reading of 2-4 ppm ammonia. 2 is good for 5 gallon and more for larger tanks. Once you figure the right amount to add then add it daily, Add starting bacteria too the first time, maybe a couple times later too. There are bacteria that eat ammonia and different ones who eat nitrite so it might take a while after ammonia drops for nitrite to drop. Temperature and ph also affect your cycle, with a temp 72-78 helping, and ph around 8 helping, not sure how true this is but it helped me. I just sprinkle in baking soda every few days. It gets used up fast so if you stop adding it ph goes back to normal. Other supplies you might need, api water test kit, leaves like mulberry and Indian almond leaves(my water is yellow but they love having the food, I only take out when eaten), water drip set set for water changes ( I use a gallon jug I cut into and drip line acclimator I got from Amazon). I think it’s important to prepare water for water changes in advance but I’ve forgotten why. I bought different kinds of food but biofilm and leaves should be the primary food I think. I feed mine more now but only because I have a ton in my 5 gal, at least 80. For under 20 I would feed boiled veggies once a week, maybe more if they devoured it all and some powdered food occasionally. I used cinnamon bark in all my tanks too since it looks nice and grows a slime/algea stuff they love to eat. Sorry for long post, hope it helps

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