PetSolutions: Hearth Pink Shrimp (Freshwater)

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On the lookout for a cool new freshwater invertebrate to your aquarium? Then be part of PetSolutions as we showcase our new number of Freshwater Shrimp, together with the Hearth Pink Shrimp.

These shrimp, similar to their Cherry Pink and Hearth Yellow counterparts are good in an aquarium planted with dwell vegetation, as a result of nature of those shrimp to select at and eat algae. They are going to spend an excessive amount of the day working their manner by every bit of aquarium substrate and up and down each leaf and stem of every plant within the aquarium consuming bits of algae and attempting to find shrimp granules or different meals added to their habitat by the aquarist. Hearth crimson are selectively bred for a stable crimson colour, and the colour is pretty constant from specimen to specimen.

For extra info on our Dwell Shrimp, please go to beneath.

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