PET SHRIMP are AWESOME and right here is why 🦐

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Meet my pet shrimp! I’ve just a few kinds of dwarf freshwater shrimp also called Neocaridina. I’ve 4 shade varieties to date: Pumpkin Orange, purple, blue, and pearl white. I’m nonetheless studying methods to higher establish the particular shade kinds of shrimp. I preserve one group in a 5 gallon rimless planted tank and the remaining in two planted 20 gallon tall neighborhood tanks. Do you want my shrimp tank?

How I RESCUED my shrimp:

00:00 Welcome to the world of SHRIMP
00:30 Neocaridina Shrimp
00:40 What are we going to study shrimp?
00:53 The place is the mouth of the shrimp?
01:10 Feminine Shrimp Maintain their Eggs
01:19 Shrimp LEGS
01:50 Shrimp Anatomy
02:12 use their appendages independently
02:36 Why ought to we study shrimp anatomy?
02:52 Child Shrimp
02:57 Shrimp Consuming TIMELAPSE
03:52 Clear Juvenile Shrimp
04:05 Blue Dream Shrimp
04:37 Shrimp Fanning Eggs
04:51 Child shrimp inside eggs
05:14 Tiny child shrimp and grownup shrimp
05:32 Shrimp cleansing itself
05:46 Shrimp Tank Replace
07:08 BONUS: Shrimp Competitors Present Shrimp
09:30 Outro

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