1. detritus worms, not parasites unless they’re inside the shrimp.

  2. The movement and shape would make me believe possible baby/small snail leeches. By The way it’s contracting and extending. But with it not 100% clear they could be detritus or other worm is there a more clear photo? Where they found on the shrimp?

  3. They were found on the dead shrimp. They are very tiny and cannot be seen coasting around in the tank

    UPDATE: Took out a few adults and put in a salt bath. As soon as I put them in, a few leeches started crawling out of their bodies! I ended up putting all of them with most of the fries in the bath too. Some of the newborn were too small (like 1-2mm) for me to catch so I left them alone in the tank. Then took all the plants out and went through the same process. Let’s see how it goes from now…

  4. Those look like leeches to me and afaik there’s some leech species that parasites shrimp.

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