1. These guys are so beautiful…and then I watched one devour a slowly struggling large Starfish. Still beautiful but dude would starve if I had him.

  2. I love mantis shrimp. I had a lime green that I named Zoidberg. He completely hollowed out a rock to make a den. I’d tap on the glass twice and he’d poke his little head out, and I could actually hand feed him frozen krill.

  3. Can you actually put other fish in a tank with a mantis shrimp and the fish survive?

  4. Hey I go to that place, lol. One of the nicer salt water places around. New location is great.

  5. it’s all fun and games until he cracks the aquarium he’s in lol beautiful animal though

  6. Get a sea isopod, so cute, like a furless water dog

  7. what a pretty lil murder machine

  8. Just found out today while livestreaming that they aren’t actually shrimps! I love them tho!

  9. I don’t suppose the stores located somewhere in mass?

  10. Hm? I thought they couldn’t be pets because their punches break glass

  11. Very neat

  12. that guy is going to destroy that aquarium when he gets angry enough to hit the tank…

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