1. So they actually don’t need tumbling as they aren’t those types of fish eggs. I had best results dropping them among gravel substrate for shelter from being eaten (assuming no detritus worms or copepods).

    I used to ask everyone pH wondering if there was a correlation. But basically the mucus that normally adheres them has failed. Usually it doesn’t happen again, but is more like when chickens lay their first eggs and they are wonky, no calcium in the shell, tiny, double yolks, etc. Can take a few tries for the system to work itself out.

    Given all these years, you might just be the unlucky one who has two shrimp that it happens to. Hopefully the eggs hatch regardless! Hopefully it doesn’t happen again. As far as I know, it’s not a physical tank setup impacting it since for most it isn’t a recurring thing. (I also never fed mine anything special and never had eggs lost myself, mine came from expired mommas, and having scraped them off a carapace, I know how strongly glued they normally are!)

  2. She’s finally dropped them but they’ve completely vanished I can’t find them anywhere in the tank 😭 back to only one rescue litter of shrimplets

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