On the lookout for recommendation about retaining fish with shrimp

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  1. I have neocardina in all my tanks, fish are, neon, cardinal, green and lemon tetra, lemon are the largest and don’t bother even 1/4″ shrimplets.

    Guppies, lampeyes, pygmy Corys, kulie loaches, hillstream loaches, a German ram and a betta (not all in the same tank) and the risky one… Red tail puffers, and I never see any predication at all, 4 red cherrys in that tank and I count regularly!

    all fish were introduced small/young and seem to not view shrimp as food at all, also my tanks are very heavily planted, jungle style (couple posted if you want to see)

    Now all fish are different and I’m not promising everything will always work, but that’s how I’ve got a few safe and a few risky ones to coexist, not forgetting the largest fish i have are only 2.5 to 3″ max it all seems fine.

  2. I’ve kept ottos, phoenix rasboras, and furcatas with my shrimp, and they all do just fine. I wouldn’t keep furcatas in that small of a tank, but the phoenix rasboras do just fine in smaller tanks. You could easily keep a bunch in the tank, and they are physically incapable of eating anything larger than a freshly hatched shrimp. Super tiny mouths.

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