Not a typical construct, however I hope my shrimp prefer it! Can’t watch for the bacopa to develop!

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  1. Make sure you keep an eye on your water hardness level. As the bone and antler decomposes and leaches into the water, your shrimp can have molting issues.

  2. If you see the shrimps circling the statue and worshipping it, you gotta show us a photo

  3. The Goddess Is Pleased and So am I. Blessed Be. )0(

  4. How did you get that thing to float perfectly in the centre like that?

  5. Hello,

    I would like to join your cult.

  6. I’m sure they’re going to be okay with a ritual happening in the middle

  7. This scape is excellent! Great witchy vibes.

  8. I can’t be the only one right?

  9. I first saw a snail worship

  10. Sunken altar vibes love it, especially once it starts growing wild

  11. Antler will cause all sorts of spikes in ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate as well as add all sorts of other bacteria. Had one in a tank for a year and a half and would never suggest anyone else do it. You’ll be chasing problems forever.

  12. This is wicked awesome:) I love when people decorate their tank with interesting themes.

  13. Of your shrimp start worshipping the statue. send us a post

  14. When scrolling, I thought this was the elephant graveyard from Lion King.

    So I’m a bit disappointed.

    But still very cool.

  15. Very interesting! I made a set up very similar to this in an aquarium simulator game once (because I’m too broke to do it irl 🥲). I think if the roots of the floaters get longer it’ll look even more mystical, like you’re looking at a hidden, forgotten space through a dense curtain of overgrowth.

    What kind of crystal do you have as the centerpiece? Onyx?

  16. this looks godly , such a magnificent lookin tank

  17. So antlers, a skull and a buttplug? The bones will decompose unless it’s fake, or sealed. And hope the plug is safe silicone…

  18. What type of plant is growing on the back wall?

  19. Mom? Come get me, I’m scared.

  20. The shrimp are going to Summon a wendigo on you lol

  21. Any idea what kind of bottle that is? Looks cool as hell.

  22. Not going to lie, at first glance I thought you had a butt plug centerpiece in your tank.

  23. First time I’ve seen a butt plug be used as a fish tank ornament!

  24. I’m sorry but that looks like a certain plug.

  25. That statue looks like a butplug.

  26. That’s a buttplug

  27. Looks like a anal plug of sorts

  28. Did you boil the antlers or just drop them in I’ve wanted to do that

  29. Omfg I love it so much!!

  30. This is lovely, looks like a shrine

  31. I’m so in love with this! It looks great!

  32. Gives me magical sanctum vibes from msm

  33. All hail the ancient Shrimp Mother! Lol. Beautiful and spooky, it looks like a little coven of shrimp witches would be very happy here!

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