1. I can’t see what looks like strong water movement. They need a very strong flow. I have vampire shrimp (also filter feeders) who sit under water flow so strong you’d think it would blow them all over the tank. But nope, they sit there happily fanning all day every day.

  2. Hey this is completely normal, and I can think of a few reasons why it might be, the day I bought my bamboo shrimp his fans weren’t out at all too, usually they’ll retract their fans because they’re stressed out so probably he’s just getting used to your tank, that would be my best guess as mine ended up with its fans out after a day or two, I would also check to see how many gallons per hour your power head moves, if it’s too powerful then he might not like feeding in the current and I’d try lowering it if it has that option or try getting a different one if you find out this is the problem, this is just a guess tho. My last guess to what it might be though is it’s possible you bought him right when he finished with a molt and he has them retracted to keep the delicate fans from sustaining any damage, if this were the case he’d be paler In color from their usual brown, and feel free to ask anymore questions! I’ve had bamboo shrimp for over two years and have gotten great at caring for them!

  3. It might be a week after moving before he starts to feel comfortable and eat.

    Make sure there’s a defined water current in the tank that he can easily reach, and plenty of particles floating around in the water.

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