New substrate and prepared for crops! Any options for low tech shrimp tank?

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  1. Didn’t know I needed to plant it before filling it? My plants havent arrivined yet. Also have fish from the previous setup that need to go back into the tank by tonight.
    I mean I’ll take the criticism for not knowing the correct way to do things hence the beginners tag but I’d like it if I got some suggestions for plants as well please 🙂

  2. I would say the substrate looks shallow if you want rooted plants like most carpets though monte carlo might work. Staurogyne repens though it is rather slow to spread. Mosses and moss balls would be fine anywhere. You could also try to get a smaller bucephelandra and/or anubias variant for on top of the arch or even the floating rocks depending on your lighting. If you didn’t mind something taller Java fern might go well on the left side just be careful to bury only the roots. Planting can be easier for some plants without water but you can certainly plant while full

  3. Not sure why you weren’t planting the tank before you filled it

  4. Moss is a must for shrimp As for plants any stems will work fine. As for planting after filling it isn’t required it just makes life easier in a lot of cases.

  5. Dunno about the CO2 system, but for plants: lots of moss. From marimo, to plagiomnium and java, it is lovely and the shrimps really like it. It also makes your decoration look more monumental, as the “leaves” are so tiny.
    If you have the money for it, do get in vitro plants because you’ll never worry about pests. I would empty it for planting because otherwise everything floats away and it’s a bit of a pain.

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