New pistol shrimp tattoo regret 🔫🦐

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  1. Okay bro, I love the tattoo and the concept is awesome, but the true tiny penis thing to do is obsess over a tiny penis relating to a bad-ass shrimp tattoo. So just ignore it and swing your giant horse dong around with a swag new tat to match.

  2. Didn’t even know that was a thing people said until now. Rock on dude. Pistol shrimp are so cool.

  3. nah, just crude-guy humor. you know those guys that just wanna bust each other’s balls good-naturedly? like military jokes.

    and it’s not like it’s right above your dick or something lol

  4. Lol I think it’s an awesome tattoo but the artist is an AH for bringing that up AFTER it was done and not while you were discussing placement. But that connection never would have occurred to me!

  5. Men with thigh tattoos are so hot regardless of what they are. The ones on my thighs are my fun lol ones not to be taken seriously. Rock on my dude

  6. I wouldn’t have made that connection at all, but I totally, absolutely, no matter what anyone thinks, 100%, ask anyone, without a doubt, truly, adamantly, confidently, and without question, do not have a tiny penis at all, full stop, no cap.

  7. Had to double check what sub I was in! As a fan of both shrimp and Cold Ones, it looks sick af and I feel like the shrimp dick thing is a bit of a stretch in this instance tbh. Enjoy the tat!

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