Nerite snail or amano shrimp finest for any such algae?

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  1. Snails keep my plants very clean the only issue is if they don’t want to go on the leaf it won’t get cleaned but unlike shrimp you can grab them and hold them on the leaf for a few second and they will usually attach to the leaf and start eating the algae like a vacume

  2. Neither. Otos

  3. Otocinclus outperform both on GSA / GDA / diatoms like this

  4. What’s that bright green plant to the top right in your photo? Is it a species of Syngonanthus? If it is, How’s growing that I’m looking at getting that potentially

  5. I actually like using nerites for red algae/diatoms and mystery snails for green and hair algae, and the shrimp keep the wasted fish food cleaned up. Using all 3 has been a great combination for my aquariums.

  6. Why not getting both

  7. You may want to pull that plant up a little so there’s no soil covering it. Also, the leaves with algae on it look older. You may just want to cut them off.

  8. It may just be poor plant health, most plants would be able to get rid of algae on its own if it’s in good condition, what species of plant is it?

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