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Macrobrachium rosenbergii also called the enormous river prawn or big freshwater prawn is commercially cultured in Asian international locations. Typically, the male Macrobrachium rosenbergii develop and attain the market dimension sooner than females. Due to this fact, the manufacturing of all-male crop will likely be
helpful for large freshwater prawn business in Thailand. We now have developed a biomolecule and a technique for sex-reversal from males to useful females, so known as Neo-female that may produce all-male progeny.

The enormous freshwater prawn is the primary cultured species of freshwater prawn in Asian international locations. There’s a excessive market demand for male prawn attributable to their fast-growing attribute and subsequently could be harvested at bigger dimension. As a result of development is a serious concern for freshwater prawn tradition, mono-sex tradition is an alternate strategy to obtain increased common physique weight at harvest and thus increased yields. As well as, the variety of wild big freshwater prawn
has continued to say no, so the event of a brand new technique that may produce male freshwater prawn for mono-sex tradition will likely be of nice profit to prawn business of the nation by way of each prawn manufacturing and export.

The Course of, based mostly on a intercourse reversal expertise by means of temporal gene silencing, the entire intercourse reversal of male prawn right into a useful feminine (Neo-female) was first reported in Israel. The temporally intervention of intercourse willpower by this expertise throughout a brief interval on the early levels may give rise to neo-females. The silencing agent could be degraded in just a few days. The manipulation is proscribed to the broodstock, and the silencing agent just isn’t transmissible to additional era. We developed the biomolecules that may intervene the expression of a gene for an insulin-like androgenic gland hormone or IAG in Macrobrachium rosenbergii by means of the RNAi expertise on the early postlarval stage of the prawn. This technique can induce full intercourse reversal of a male prawn right into a useful feminine that’s named after Mahidol College because the MU1 neo-female. The MU1 prawn is able to mating with regular males and produce male progeny with bigger dimension and better market worth than females.

The sex-reversal expertise doesn’t contain the use hormone or chemical compounds and it doesn’t produce genetically modified prawns. The neo-females have been crossbred with regular males
to supply male progeny. The monosex male tradition displays increased yields, increased common physique weight at harvest and better survival charges than both mixed-sex or mono-sex feminine cultures underneath non-intensive circumstances.

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