1. Either they screwed up the water change (didn’t dechlorinate or didn’t match parameters) or some chemical or lotion on their hands got into the water

  2. Looks too long and skinny for planaria. It looks more like a benign detritus worm except that it looks a little bulbous at one end. I would save those eggs and try to hatch them. Beautiful shrimp. I’m sorry for your loss.

  3. I’m sorry about your tank.

    Just a heads up bit of advice: I have 5 tanks, 4 of which contain sensitive caridina varieties. I have gone on vacation for up to 3 weeks and left my tanks completely alone as I don’t trust others without shrimp experience to not screw anything up.

    When I come back the tanks are all just as well, if not better for having been left alone. They are all heavily planted so the shrimp do well with the biofilm and the nitrates are cycled out naturally. Just a few plants can do their duty cleaning nitrates out of a cycled tank.

    Hope you can save a few of the babies. 🙂

  4. honestly i wouldn’t even trust someone to do a water change on my shrimp tanks, Generally for my shrimp tanks i do water changes when i see fit, not on a schedule since the shrimp like stability not perfect parameters that are constantly being changed etc, so my water changes only happen every month or two, im sorry this happened man :/

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