1. That growth is amazing! Planning to add any fauna?

  2. Lovely! Is that weeping moss or Christmas moss?

  3. Looks wooly and awesome!!!

  4. Holy fuck, thats a thick bitch. Good job

  5. What are the dimensions of the tank?

  6. Nice. What substrate did you use? And what light is that? Awesome set up.

  7. What tech are you running? I see light and a filter, anything else?

  8. Wow that’s great!

  9. What type of inline diffuser are you running?

  10. What plant did you use for the carpet?

  11. That looks amazing.

  12. Did you do a drystart for the moss or did it just grow that fast?

  13. Very nice . what’s the routine could you share ? How many hrs light per day …and any idea of your water parameters ?

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