My shrimp knitting me a hat for the vacations…or possibly socks

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  1. Uhh, socks, sure. Does anyone else see what I see?!

  2. That’s a penis.

  3. Given all the innuendos (and facts) A circumcision is about to happen. Look away…

  4. Uh OP I’m pretty sure that’s algae growing up from your moss…

  5. Good ole cladophora. Might as well redo the whole tank now. Nothing kills it.

  6. They’re constructing a statue to commemorate their shrimp leader.. but the scale is a little off

  7. Yo man, if that was previously a marimo moss ball (i think thats the name) BE CAREFUL. I had a 20L with one and my shrimp picked it apart like that until it just got tangled in all my stem plants. F***ed my whole tank up

  8. It’s very phallic

  9. Aquatic Donald wig!

  10. This dudes clipping water plants to look like dicks and blaming it on his shrimp

  11. Wish my shrimp knitted me cocks too….dang auto correct I meant cocks……I mean socks

  12. Def a Willy warmer..

  13. They giving you hints

  14. That’s a penis

  15. Or a dick and balls

  16. You sure they’re not knitting a penis?

  17. Deck the balls

  18. Idk about y’all but to me this just looks like a mossball with a heavily exaggerated pompadour

  19. I’ve heard easy carbon by aquarium co op can get rid of this but I don’t know personally, it’s pretty uncommon

  20. Yeah. Definitely…. Socks

  21. Cyanobentdickteria

  22. You guys gotta stop calling it a dick it’s clearly Josuke’s hair

  23. Nah, we all know what it is.

  24. That’s awesome. Mine used to mow the algae but never made a real dent in it, which I guess is pretty smart if you’re a shrimp

  25. I saw this and thought, ‘That’s a lot of shrimp eggs!’ Then I realized it’s some type of algae or guppy grass. Phew! LOL

  26. Like a twisted Cinderella story with shrimp instead of rodents.

  27. More like a penis warmer.

  28. Or maybe a friend for when you lonely 😉

  29. More like pancreas

  30. Your house elves are about to present you with a sock.

  31. r/mildlypenis

    Shouldve scrolled, somebody beat me to it

  32. “I should call him” everything reminds me of him. Every girl

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