My shrimp is kicking the bucket in entrance of me

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  1. Have you added anything new to the tank? Plants? Wood? Fertilizers? Anything at all?

  2. ill never understand how people think its okay to just post pictures of dead pets here without blurring


    I have a gh of around 100-120 ppm and KH OF 80 ppm

  4. any extra whiteness in the flesh of the shrimp? muscular necrosis could indicate a bacterial infection.

    do you gravel vac? that could release harmful to shrimp bacteria that usually live under the substrate into the tank (seen a few instances of that on this sub)

    besides that I can’t think of anything besides contaminants. are you using sink water for changes? maybe something happened with your supply (that killed a 10 gal small community tank i had a while ago).

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