my shrimp are disappearing!! (and in addition I feel my gh/kh is incorrect)

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  1. Glad you’re getting a master kit, they really help with understanding the results and getting a more accurate reading. Knowing wether you have caridinia or neocaridinia will help in saying if your parameters are good or not. As for the missing shrimp, they are most likely just hidden. The best way to see/keep track of shrimp is to observe them during feeding time as that is when most of them come out! For moving shrimp, I recommend slowly moving out any decoration or items in the tank and then slowly catching the most you can during feeding time and transferring them into the new tank (with drip acclimation). Keep repeating this until you are certain the old tank is empty 🙂 it maybe take a few attempts or you may get them all at once lol it’s all based on luck

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