My new vampire shrimp being added to the tank what a beast

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  1. Might go well with my vampire pleco…

  2. Been trying to find a large one like this, but every place around me can only get 1.5-2″ shrimp.

  3. Sir. That’s a lobster.

  4. goth boys rise up

  5. Chonky boi

  6. Did a cockroach bang a crawdad?

  7. I think I have 2 of these… don’t really know as they both pissed off into the hollow of a large piece of drift wood months ago never to be seen again😂

  8. Can I ask, what are the differences in care between this cutie and a crayfish? I’d like to get one or the other someday

  9. Absolute unit

  10. I personally wouldn’t buy these until they can find a humane way to capture them or learn to breed them

  11. wow! I didn’t know they got THAT big

  12. Wow I’ve never seen one of these before! Almost looks like an aegla

  13. I forgot about vampire shrimp, they’re so neat

    Can you legally own these in nsw Australia? I’m guessing no haha

  14. That thing looks like a D&D monster

  15. Oh my gosh he’s so beautiful 😭

  16. He’s a cutie I’ve never seen one this big

  17. Breast shrimp? Or baby lobster? Who’s to say??? The tag on bag as you bring home your treasure

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