1. Hehehe! What type of shrimp is he?

  2. RIP all your fishes.

  3. Please disregard the tanks messiness, I had just fed them!

  4. wow awesome shrimp those big pinchers

  5. Is he hunting your other fish?

  6. Looks like he wants a hug

  7. Macrobrachium rocks

  8. Lol what a goofy guy. I’d love to have one of these.

  9. What’s the name of the red face and black and white tail? Those look pretty.

  10. Someone playing Val?

  11. One day mf little fish!!

  12. Hey just an FYI. That’s a prawn. Only reason I know is I had to deal with those myself.

    It was sold to me as a ghost shrimp and then grew up into a killing beast. Imagine like 6 of those dudes in a tank. Yeah not fun. Personally I would remove them as they were vicious things but that’s just me

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