1. The cattapa needs to break down a bit so they get more interested in it.

    The Crayfish. Who recommended it? IIRC they can go after the shrimp.

    If you wanted something bigger a filter shrimp would be a good alternative no?

    Other than that enjoy 😉

    (Params, take out uneaten food as per feeding instructions, do not helicopter parent etc)

  2. I would research some more food for them. Pellets and flakes shouldn’t be the bulk of their diet.

    I’ve seen posts on here of dwarf crayfish attacking neos, but I would say it’s fine just monitor it if you continue to lose neos. Is the ivory snail okay? Wondering if napping or stressed due to crayfish.

  3. I’d plant as heavily as you can! Great start!

  4. Love the setup. I discovered those crayfish last night and want to get one so bad but I’d be afraid of losing my shrimp.

    Skittle tanks are awesome until the baby shrimp start coming out brown from all the breeding. I cull and feed those to my fish though…

  5. Mexican Dwarf crays are awesome too. Like people have said, they do snatch shrimp rarely every now and then. You will sometimes see shrimp missing legs and such. Not the end of the world.

    For the most part the neos should out reproduce the crays at their abilities to catch shrimp. If you’re lucky you got a male and female cray. Baby crays also look cute.

    Catappa leaves are a long term kinda thing. They’ll slowly break down and grow biofilm, which the shrimp love.

    Hopefully that’s not a day 1 or 2 tank, I assumed you cycled it (fingers crossed). The tank does give a very day one tank kinda feel, it’s so fresh and pristine looking with what looks to be freshly planted plants lol. Shrimp love biofilm, stuff that doesn’t appear immediately.

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