My first planted aquarium/future shrimp tank

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  1. I got our first aquarium a couple weeks ago when my daughter brought home a goldfish from a carnival (which didn’t last long). While learning about how to properly set up an aquarium, I got sucked into reading about all kinds of aquariums and got inspired to start one for myself with plants. I’m going to put red cherry shrimp in here once this one is cycled (started ammonia dosing/bacteria today after planting all my plants). Really looking forward to seeing how this turns out, but also expecting some plants to die and for it to take awhile since I’m not running co2.

  2. Looks great!

  3. You mentioned expecting some foliage die off. I tend to snip them so the plant can focus on its root esp with the Amazon sword.

  4. Can I please ask about the tank? Someone gave me a tank like that but it doesn’t have the “guts” in the filter compartment. I also want to set it up as a shrimp tank, but I have no idea how to get it working. Can anyone tell me what I need to get, please?

  5. Looks great, my only advice is to make sure to use either a polishing pad or filter floss as a pet filter or the baby shrimp will end up stuck in the filter compartment

  6. It should be clearer after waiting a few hours before taking pictures, which was also the case last time.

  7. This is a really terrific tank. I have one. Unfortunately, the plastic grids and wire mesh were not in my experience sufficient to keep shrimp out of the filter compartment. The only thing that worked was putting a sponge behind each of the grills. I cut cubes until they fit snugly. Of course that comes with its own issue: you do have to remove the sponges and clean them pretty frequently.

  8. Sweet use of the spider wood!!!

  9. Shrimp are a great idea

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