my first aquarium and shrimp tank, I counted 14 shrimplets!! query in feedback

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  1. Question: I got a tank because I love plants and wanted aquatic plants. I set it up at the beginning of February but think the plants are growing to slow. When I read about CO2 I mostly find “it is not for beginners” but nothing about how you learn and start with CO2. What should I do to learn about CO2 with the goal to use it in my tank?

  2. Did not count 14 shrimplets in the picture but today, haha
    I got six shrimp a few weeks ago, two were pregnant. Two weeks ago I saw black dots on the eggs and new the hatching was close. Then I saw the mothers without eggs and no babies… But I guess they were so tiny I didn’t see them because a few days later I started to see so many babies!! Now too big shrimp have eggs again… I’m gonna have soooo many shrimp.

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