1. My personal advice is either 20 blue or 20 red if you want to keep the offspring colour. But yeah, very nice tank. 👍🏻

  2. I like the scape.

    Your scape has given me ideas for my 40l tall cube, thank you.

  3. You might check the ph, most aqua soils pull ph low so you may end up having to go with caridina instead of neos

  4. Ohhh very nice set up! Can’t wait till the water is crystal clear! It’s guna be a beauty! Esp with the little shrimpies running around

  5. Is that a marineland portrait?

  6. Looks great, I love the curved edges! I love mixed shrimp but one color would really pop. Where do you get your shrimp?

  7. Oh this looks just lovely!! You’ll have to update us when the shrimps are at home! 🙂

  8. Beautiful

  9. Bootiful tank, just check parameters: ammonia, nitrate, gh, kh, pH etc. Good luck!

  10. I know I either need a new filter that’s more shrimpling friendly or put a panty hose on it as far as I understand it.

  11. I read somewhere about 100 shrimp in a 10g tank is ample

  12. Your setup is beautiful!

  13. Did you use a bacterial starter? 1 week cycle time might not be enough. Are you familiar with how to cycle a tank properly?

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