1. When my baby shrimp came out i couldnt find them either. The other day i was going to pick out uneaten food and i saw a huge group of them on the food. I couldn’t even see them until i was up close and about to suck them out. Baby shrimp are very good at hiding and blending in when you have a bunch of plants. As long as the adult shrimp are fine, the babies will be too. If your parameters are fine and youre feeding bacter/pellets then dont overthink it. Youll see them eventually when they grow bigger and develop their colors

  2. What is your pH taiwan bees need pH at least under 6.5 but best pH is somewhere between 5-5.5. Babies survival rate really depend on low pH. Whatever all the sites on the internet say about caridina and pH between 6.5-7.0 is wrong. All breeders keep their pH as low as possible. That’s why they use RO and buffering substrate like ADA.

  3. What are your parameters?

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