My amano shrimp lives in my filter (AquaClear 50 HOB) by alternative! I’ve eliminated him twice and he retains going again. I do not…

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  1. That’s one smart shrimp you got there my friend. Not only has he found the honey hole for food, but hes managed to find it twice lol. He remembered where it was after you removed him the first time. Plus, hes completely safe in there from any predator and the water is constantly moving in there so its oxygen rich.

  2. Probably because he’s getting more food in the filter.

  3. My Amano too lives in my filter. This particular tank has a partitioned back of the tank as opposed to a hob and they live in there. I go months without seeing him then suddenly he’s out in the gravel saying hi. It’s nuts.

    I’ve got ramshorn snails that I have NEVER had before. No new plants, hospital tank set up from sponges and water from one of my larger tanks. No new plants or anything. Imagine my surprise when babies showed up…then I looked in the filter compartment and found 2 huge adults. I’ve never ever had them. I have 0 idea where they come and how or why they are living in the filter.

  4. I recently got 5 amanos and they’re absolutely *desperate* to get in the filter.

    They’re too big to get in, but my crystal reds sure as shit aren’t. Saw one of them pop in and I was thinking well, that’s a waste of 2 bucks only for it to emerge happy and victorious.

    Maybe they’ll survive the two blue gouramis I added today after all.

  5. The best pizza joints are in the filter!

  6. He discovered the infinite food hack

  7. All my shrimp (3 amano and 1 bamboo) usually camp around the filter

  8. To shrimp there are extra yum yums in the filter. Once they find it they keep going back.

  9. I’ve seen Amano shrimp crawl and climb like crabs. Neos seem to just flop with no ability to stand up when they are out of the water!

  10. I had a dragonfly nymph show up in my fluval before. Out of no where. I can see shrimp doing it also don’t know how sneak and squeeze in there.

  11. I spent about $60 on amanos and my buenos aires tetras ate them. They better have enjoyed that expensive dinner.

  12. I had kuhli loaches that would do this. Dont ask me how they got past the impeller.

  13. You should be using sponge filter anyways

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