1. There’s always lots of repeated misleading information in posts like these.

    Amano will breed and also release babies in freshwater. The babies will survive ~2 days in freshwater. They will do this consistently and will have new eggs generally only a couple days after release and begin the process again.

    In the wild these babies will be washed down stream towards the ocean, anywhere from brackish to full salinity.

    These babies will grow up on phytoplankton and other small organisms while in salt water. In about three weeks they will have reached the juvenile stage, they look and behave just like a full size amano just miniaturized.

    At this stage they swim against the current back up to freshwater and the cycle repeats.

  2. They still breed in freshwater. That’s what they do in nature too. But any babies that hatch will die (or get eaten. Mine get eaten.). In the wild the larva swims for brackish water.

  3. i have 2 berried wish my cherries would too

  4. I have a friend who successfully bred and raised amanos in fresh water only. He wasn’t trying to, he was just keeping amanos, but one batch just never died!

  5. I didn’t think this could happen. I thought they only bread in salt or brackish water?

    She’s in a freshwater tank with only 3 other amano shrimp.

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