1. This is a plain quart jar set up that’s now over 6 years old with the brackish water Hawaiian red shrimp called Opae Ula. Just lava rocks, dried sea fan & some Chaeto. Started with 15 Opae Ula and now there’s over 60+. I haven’t cleaned the glass since I started it. I just open it every few weeks for air/gas exchange. No feeding or water changes. At the beginning I fed freeze dried spirulina  2x a week for 10 weeks. After that I stopped. This balanced environment allows the shrimp to feed on the algae & biofilm in the jar. The waste they create feeds the algae and creates more biofilm.

  2. Sea monkeys with extra steps. Love it!

  3. Neat. Well done!

  4. I’m so unequivocally jealous, I love self sustaining aquariums

  5. I had a jar similar this with opae’ula (open top and maintained regularly) and my damn cat knocked it over one day. It was running for 12 years. In the right conditions, these guys breed like rabbits.

  6. Do they keep breeding?

  7. this is impressive. do you keep the jar in an area that gets direct sunlight?

  8. how do you set something like this up? do you have any tips or instructions? i am really interested. this is AMAZING!

  9. Wow! A good jar tank? That’s rare. Most jar tanks I see have a whole ass goldfish in there. Great job!

  10. I got shrimp Jars older than you kids. Op prolly.

  11. I need a video tutorial for this!!!

  12. Eco….experiment? It’s a living.

  13. That’s what the afterlife is gonna be like for some

  14. This is amazing!!

  15. Wow that’s awesome.

  16. Wow. I need to make one of these. Is there some perfect balance of plants/shrimp for it to maintain that you lucked out on or is does it naturally find it’s balance in ten weeks?

  17. Just need some hydroponic lettuce

  18. 10/10 low-tech keeper

  19. Is this the same shrimp we buy in the food store? Wow so tiny so what happens when they grow and can’t fit anymore?

  20. That is so cool

  21. Where do you aquire the dried sea fan?

  22. I had a jar like that when I was a kid. I was fascinated by the balanced ecosystem.

  23. This is so cool, I’d love to have something similar. Wonder if neocaridina shrimp could survive in something like this as well

  24. General question: how is oxygen getting in the jar so they can survive?

  25. opae ula?

  26. This is so damn cool. Well done

  27. I would love to have something like this!

  28. My question is.. How in this simulation did you manage to count the shrimp?!

    All that swimming I’d be losing track like crazy

    🦐 🔢 😰

  29. Nice to know that Opae Ula Can multiply and thrive in a small enclosure. I currently have a spacious 6 gallon for them.

  30. I have an ecosphere too! No shrimp though only hydra worms, snails and thousands of little white things

  31. How many gallons is the jar , I want to try this .

  32. I’d love to have a setup like that

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