My 14 gallon shrimp tank. What do you assume?

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  1. The tank is nice but I don’t see no shrimps.

  2. looks great! I would love to see some small foreground plants around the hard scape

  3. Beautiful tank! You should totally look into some carpet plants and maybe some cholla wood, shrimps go crazy for them

  4. I think it’s lovely! I’m digging the untrimmed jungle val. Maybe some more floofy greenery in front would encourage the shramps to come hang out in the foreground?

  5. wow, that looks amazing! Can you give please tell me what substrate you’re using?

  6. What are the plants called all the way on the left my fish would love those

  7. Looks lovely

  8. That’s so nice I find myself mildly infuriated 🤔🤣

  9. Good luck getting the shrimps out if you’re selling! I’m in the same boat with a 20 long

  10. 14 gallon for shrimps only?

  11. Nice, let’s see Paul Allen’s Shrimp Tank

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