Mischling is a racist Nazi Slur, why does the neighborhood name combined shrimp that?

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  1. First off, remember we’re speaking in English here, but initially ornamental shrimp came from Asia, so we’re dealing with translations to begin with. My understanding is Europe, especially Germany was where the hobby initially gained “Western” support and breeding, so my guess is a German person translated it from whatever language. As an English speaking person, it’s obviously irrelevant in our language, as the meaning it has in the hobby is specific to those lines of those species and that’s how it is understood.

    Hybrid doesn’t work as there are other shrimp hybrids aside from mischlings. IE mischlings are a subset of the category of hybrid shrimp akin to Tibee.

    As such, this suggestion is a strawman logical fallacy without such application here.

  2. As a preface, im german, and I think im as anti facist as someone can be without actually joining antifa to fight the neo nazis in hand to hand combat.

    Mischling is not exclusively a nazi slur. Its just the german word for mongrel and used quite often, by serious animal breeders of any kind, and without any prejudice or racist implications. Its just a term for a crossbreed, and in my opinion its wrong to surrender words to the neo nazis just because they use it as slurs or dog whistles. As soon as we stop using words the nazis also use we have lost to them, we let them dictate a part of our lifes. If we keep using the terms they coopted, we fight their racist connotation and hurt their means to communicate, as the whole point of dog whistles is to immediately know that the other person is a nazi aswell. If that doesnt work, they need to be openly racist, which makes it easier to identify and aviod them or, in the case of online forums, get them banned

  3. My understanding is that ,though it was used pejoratively in nazi Germany, it really just means mongrel.

  4. They’re… shrimp. It’s not derogatory anymore because it isn’t being used on people as an anti-semetic slur. Are you afraid of the shrimp becoming aware and cancelling you?

  5. Make way for the edge lord

  6. Wow shrimp karen

    Really coming in here being PC about what we call shrimp lmfao

  7. We’re also often breeding pureblood shrimp in a pure colour line. Should we also stop this and always mix the colours so the shrimp don’t feel segregated? Lmao

  8. Dude are you serious.They’re shrimp.I’ve never even seen that word used in this sub lmao

  9. I have never seen that word used on this sub before.

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