1. Super interesting!

    Is it actually in any way bad to shine a light at shrimp? I always feel like I might fry their brain as they have no eyelids or so – or permanently blind them.

  2. What kind of microscope do you use? Is that a dark field set up? The colors look great

  3. Very cool! Love these algae destroyers !

  4. Wow! Did you move them to a brackish tank or adjust the tank they were already in? I’d love to hear the process!

  5. Life is so beautiful. I feel like this deserves more upvotes than it has

  6. Missing the part where it jumps out of my tank and kills itself

  7. I didn’t even think that was possible. The FPV at the end of your username wouldn’t happen to stand for First Person View by any chance. FPV/racing drones.

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