1. I got a few huge jars like this. Great idea.

  2. Regular neo?

  3. No filter or airpump needed?

  4. I think these shrimp are distracting you while another steals your car

  5. What’s the size of this jar?

  6. What plant is that?

  7. Lol nice

  8. I’ve found the light balance is the hardest part. Too much and the algae takes over too little not enough oxygen and food for the shrimp. My best run was almost 4 years without ever touching it before my last shrimp died.

  9. Thanks for posting, they’re so cute and industrious!

  10. Hi there,

    Do you use any lights or just natural by the window?

  11. What’s the temperature of the water?
    I started a no tech (other than a light) 2.5 gallon (extra tank I had). So far the temperature averages at about 68 Fahrenheit. Only bladder snails in it for the time being.

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