I’ve no shrimp tank, however have questions

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  1. You see, this is a topic for a long discussion that will lead us nowhere:

    – Some people will put shrimp in 1 gal narrow tank, while others would try their best for find a space for 5 gal wide tank. Shrimp swim, not only crawl, for neocaridina it’s 12″ single stroll.
    – Some put them in not cycled tank and they die. If he took all parts of setup from established tank, new tank should be safe in this aspect.
    – Healthy life has too many aspects:
    – Parasites, viruses, bacteria are reality of the shrimp life, especially imported, grown in outdoor ponds. Search fro aquarium shrimp diseases and, separately, immunity. Last should be in long GlassGarten SrimpFit description.
    – Next is controversial topic to discuss, unless you experience it by yourself: [cannibalism](https://aquariumbreeder.com/male-to-female-ratio-in-the-shrimp-tank/). Speak after that about healthy social life.
    – Or being chased to death. I strongly believe that these now dead shrimp would prefer to live alone in safe environment, preferably long enough to explore and swim.
    – Some are seeking any justification for putting animals is too restricting space, limiting movements. And putting there tiny juveniles, seems fine. But shrimp grow all life long and one year old neocaridina would be around 1 1/3″ long plus antennae of the same size, moving in all directions, reserve space for this too.
    – Others start like that, not knowing better, then move survivors in a more convenient for them tank or container. Bowl, 10 gal bowl, is perfectly fine.

  2. A reason I stopped reading/participating in that sub is because they often ignored handling waste/water toxicity. If filtration isn’t considered, and people only post a video or pic before the torture/die aspect, and never report the ultimate results…

    Is it possible to setup a healthy Jarrarium? Yes.
    Is it more involved than just putting plants in a jar and calling it good? Yes.
    Did the video you saw demonstrate such? No.

    Having setup a functioning small tank I was able to have multiple shrimp in it because I designed it to be filtration as well as a tank. Others put small sponge filters in. I got it fully cycling before adding critters so 4 ppm ammonia was converted through to nitrates in 24 hours. I did regular frequent water changes (a small volume is much harder to maintain than larger volumes).

  3. Who says they need groups to be happy/healthy? I’ve seen this come up more and more, but I honestly don’t know if it’s true. They’re not schooling fish….

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