I’ve a 33 gallon lengthy stocked with guppies, panda corys, kuhlis, white clouds, and cherry shrimp. Can I add two…

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  1. As the title says, I have cherry shrimp, white clouds, panda corys, kuhli loaches, and some guppies (the guppies are being rehomed soon). Can I add two scarlet badis in here to control the shrimp population? I am unsure of their gender, they are in their own 10 gallon for now.

  2. Why would you want to control the shrimp population?

  3. I have that stargate too! My snails like to climb it to eat the algae from another galaxy XD

  4. A Scarlett badis isn’t going to control the population at all. They will pick off a few scuds but they are super tiny fish. Their mouth wouldn’t even fit around a anything much bigger than a new born shrimp.

    Scarlett and black tiger badis are very cool fish. But for the reason you want they won’t do for you.

  5. love the stargate deco <3

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