It’s been biking for a number of weeks now. I simply obtained this plant at present. What else ought to I add for a future shrimp tank?

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  1. A place for them to hide when molting.

  2. Some wood and java moss. My shrimp also love the water sprites I have and use them as 2nd lvl apartments lol

  3. Java Moss, maybe attached to a piece of wood or some rocks.

  4. Cholla wood, any kind of moss and really any places at all for them to hide. Your starting good tho.

  5. Presumably: shrimp. 😉

  6. More leaf litter! Crush the leaves up by hand before you add um to break them down a bit

  7. Go to a local river or stream with a bucket and load it with rocks, and hardscape! Give em a good hot wash

  8. Definitely some wood

  9. Lots of nooks and crannies and hiding places, lots of surfaces for algae / biofilm

  10. Hardscape and lots of plants

  11. Add a couple other plants and a cave or some stones place in a way to create a cave mfor additional hiding spots

  12. A snail or two will help with some biodiversity

  13. Moss definitely!

  14. They really like to hang out on floating roots. Red Root Floaters are the best imo.

  15. Hmm more plants to be honest. You want that tank filled with plants. Your “cycling” will take longer also it won’t cycle without actual organisms in there Honestly don’t think you know how to actually cycle a tank properly

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