is there something apart from shrimp that may be saved in a 2.5 gallon tank? I bought shrimp some time again however all of them handed…

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  1. I dont like the dimensions of that tank for most fish but if you have live plants there are a few options. Though they are not great options and all would fare far better in a 5g. Stick to shrimp and snails

  2. Brine shrimp maybe?

  3. As long as you don’t have any seals in the house you could try a great white shark. It worked for Kenny🤷‍♂️

  4. In general if you’re going to do neocardina shrimp, cherry, blue dream etc, I would say to not have a heater. They prefer 62F and tolerate as high as 76F, most small heates for this size tank is preset to 78 with a +/- 2.

    Be careful with your filter and the intake sucking up baby shrimps, part of a shrimp tank is the reproducing.

    Next, I think you have fake plants but adding cholla wood, moss, Subwassertang or plants like Anacharis or Pearl weed to give the ship then babies some coverage. Your wite substrate will go really well with cherries, pumpkins or any blues.

  5. Would also like to add that I do have a filter to go in it, it’s just not in in the picture. I also have a bubbler in it currently

  6. Amano shrimp are hardier than neos , well thats my experience and they wont breed

  7. I kept horned nerites in that tank!

  8. Get live plants! The life they bring to a tank make keeping everything else alive easier. You may find if you get live plants going your shrimp and snails will be happier and with fewer casualties.

  9. I know someone else gave you fish ideas….. Please don’t. If you couldn’t keep shrimp alive fish are not going to do better. And an upright tank is just not good in terms of swimming space.

    Get live plants and some nice shrimp and you’ll see it thrive.

  10. Maybe a gar…

  11. I personlly do not like or suggest to put fish in a tank smaller than 50l or about 13g, not only because of the limited space, but most importantly because the water will be much more stable.
    In a very small tank, small changes could kill everything in that water…
    My totally honest opinion is that you should just throw that tank away and get something that can actually house some nice animals.

  12. Chilli rasboras barely swim about and are tiny, the bioload issue would more likey be overfeeding because they’re that small.

  13. Pygmy sunfish

  14. snails or just plants

  15. Snail

  16. Shrimp are very sensitive to copper. If you have copper plumbing in your home, that was most likely the culprit.

  17. I don’t recommend live plants for such a small tank because you’ll get snails. Maybe some sea monkeys? There are other options.

  18. If you don’t like the idea of shrimps dying, make it a dedicated planted tank. Plant only tanks can look very beautiful and still be interesting

  19. Water is nice!😀

  20. dont quote me on this im a noob but dont shrimp need live plants?

  21. Snails 🐌

  22. A few endlers maybe a pair of bumble bee gobies if you are open to adding a little salt

  23. You could probably do a few neon tetras. They don’t get very large or a beta fish. But if shrimp are dying you probably are doing something wrong shrimp in my experience are usually pretty easy to keep alive

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