Is that this spot too sunny for a future shrimp tank?

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  1. Besides your stand not looking sturdy enough, I think your pothos would love to taste some of that aquarium water

  2. No but that stand is mighty dicey

  3. Pls ignore the poor cable management.

  4. Sunlight on your tank is perfectly fine as long as it’s not like directly in front of a window that gets direct sunlight for most of the day, it looks like you’ve got great natural light where it’s at right now, If you add your pothos plant to the tank I wouldn’t worry about algae much at all.

  5. I have mine right in front of a south west facing window getting hours of direct sunlight. Sure the first few weeks it was a nightmare but I had lots of plants and once they were established and the tank was cycled, all the algae went away.

  6. What are the details on the tank/filter setup. Looking for a smaller tank for the kid to put in his room. He’s gonna catch the fever! Lol

  7. That spot is a huge hazard..

  8. You want to avoid direct light. Indirect is ok, or heavily shaded/dappled. Does that spot get direct light during the day?

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