1. Nope, that shrimp looks fine at least in this picture. The “white” (yellow) is a saddle, so that is a female

  2. I do see the white ring. Try adding some sort of calcium to the tank to help her shell/molt. I add crushed baked eggshells.

  3. It does look like slight white ringing. The strap down the back is the saddle but the white ring around the belly of the shrimp is different. It COULD be just the coloration, but it looks a lot like a mild white ring. I have had that happen when my parameters are incorrect. I think it is less lethal than a full, half out of shell white ring, but still bad news and indicative of improper or fluctuating parameters. Look to temperature, ph, gh, and kh stability and optimization

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Keeping Shrimp
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