1. I don’t think that’s a shrimp, it looks like a scud? Harmless, and yes, your betta would probably love to eat it, but they’re good at hiding if your tank has cover.

  2. Even the most passive betta will make a meal of that.

  3. For what it’s worth, that looks like a scud / amphipod rather than the type of shrimp you usually see people keeping as pets on their own. Usually they’re either ordered as live feeders or are just some of the random (non-harmful) micro-fauna you get with plants.

  4. Its a scud, you can keep it in a jar with some plants and algae!

  5. If your tank has cover, as in a bunch of plants, put ‘em in. You’ll find out whether your betta wants to eat them or not.

    Looks like a little scud to me, they’re basically just water isopods if you know what those are. They act very similar to shrimp!

  6. that’s the biggest isopod I’ve ever seen. you’re better will attack that thing the whole time

  7. Scuds is Betta lunch

  8. My buddy has a Betta and it coexists with shrimp all the time it has never eaten one

  9. If you do have a well planted tank and plan on putting red cherry or amano shrimp in there eventually, you don’t want that little guy kicking around. Also, where there is one, there is probably more…

  10. If the bettas don’t get to it, that little cutie would likely get sucked into the filter. Happened to me before :<

  11. You could probably get like a breeder box that fits inside your tank, my betta ate one of my bigger crystal black shrimp when I introduced it into my community tank. Ended up putting her in a tank with only guppies later on

  12. Looks like a scud just let the Betts eat it. Probably dozens in there

  13. Hats off for catching such a small thing in a small tube!

  14. It’s a scud from the looks of it. There will be many soon (if you’re lucky). Once in the stay forever though. Useful little critters. Only tank I’m trying to keep their numbers down is the one I got shrimp in.

  15. That’s not a shrimp

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