Is 7.5 ph appropriate for tiger shrimp?

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  1. Seems like you’ve done some good research! Try the solution see how that works out (with no animals in the tank). if you can get it consistantly lower that is ideal but if you cant get it try to just keep it consistant and aim for 7.5. You can also include distilled water in water changes to slightly lower PH

  2. Never use those pH adjusting products. Need to first find out the KH of your water, that will determine whether you can even achieve acidic conditions or not

  3. Most Caridina prefer a lower ph/softer water. You can acclimate them to higher ph/harder water. Tiger shrimp tend to handle it better. Ive had Tangerine Tigers and Orange Eye Tigers in the same water conditions as my neocaridinas, ph 7.6-7.8, gh 8-9, kh 3-4 and a TDS around 250ish.

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