Into the Jungle to Discover Some Freshwater Shrimp and Snails

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To sum this up, we bought delayed in Puerto Rico after a trip and what an journey it was. After exploring the rain forest, we discovered some superb freshwater fish, snails and shrimp. This was an unbelievable expertise!! Amanda and I can not wait to return and discover these lovely waters once more. Puerto Rico is a vacation spot for all aquarium hobbyists.

We’re highlighting Day 1 and the primary expertise discovering nerite snails, rabbit snail and a few actually cool freshwater prawns. Amanda is with me together with my complete fast household. My dad is such a visit, wait will you see what he does on the finish of the video, hahaha!!! That is what makes this pastime and this neighborhood superb!

Take a look at my man Tony who confirmed us this superb place and ship him some love:

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