Inexperienced cherry shrimp!!

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  1. Saving this to PM you in a year to see how rich you are and if you can spare a few

  2. This is my completely accidental green Cherry shrimp I just spotted in my tank. I bought 10 cherry shrimp about 5-6 months ago from a cull tank at local fish store and I’ve had a few vibrant ones appear in the 2nd/3rd generations like this guy here!

  3. If you can get another one and get them breeding, you’re sitting on a cash cow!

  4. Clearly this cherry still needs to ripen!

  5. Very nice, I haven’t seen lime green ones like that before.

  6. /r/reallifeshinies

    That’s a gen one shiny right there

  7. Please call this strain “Slimer” if you are able to replicate! 😂 first thing I thought of was ghost busters.

  8. That’s a naturally occurring GloShrimp.

  9. It’s just an unripe cherry shrimp

  10. You know you’re not supposed to feed them Mountain Dew.

  11. Take my money

  12. Holy shit, someone finally bred an environmentally adaptive phenotype

  13. Do you suppose the glofish people will work on gloshrimp next?

  14. It would be called a green neocaridina shrimp or green jade, but I believe green jade is a bit darker shade. Cherry shrimp is just the red version of the neocaridina

  15. Where are you from?

  16. Will it be orange in color if you cook it?

  17. Ooohhhh very cool!

  18. These would probably be great if you want to control algae in a planted tank but have a betta that might hunt colours that stand out

  19. Green shrimpy

  20. and you thought ghost shrimps were bad…

  21. wow this is only my second time seeing a lime green shrimp

  22. This shrimp drank a little too much Mt dew 🧐

  23. Green cherry shrimp? Now that’s a proper invert

  24. Hulk, shrimp edition.

  25. I guess it isn’t ripe yet.

  26. Oh how cool. I hope his name is Lime Time.

  27. DAMN he’s gorgeous!

  28. Nah he’s the cherry leaf 🍒

  29. Haahahah maybe In a year if I get it working

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