I’m within the means of organising a shrimp tank and I received these amazon swords and I feel they don’t seem to be wholesome however I’m…

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  1. Amazon Swords are heavy root feeders. Sand has no nutrients. You’ll need to use root tabs to feed them, but unfortunately your other issue is your substrate is *way* too thin. You need around an inch minimum, preferable two, to give plants a good base to grow roots and anchor in. Not to mention to bury said root tabs. With substrate that thin they won’t be able to anchor well at all, and stability will always be an issue.

    Luckily your tank isn’t heavily planted or filled with decor yet, so adding additional sand won’t be *too* hard. You’ll have to remove everything in there and very, very carefully (and slowly) pour additional sand in. Of course make sure it’s thoroughly rinsed to minimize clouding, but there will still be some. Then you need to add root tabs anywhere you plan to add plants that feed from the roots, usually one at the base of each plant. They will need to be routinely replaced as they get used up, so be aware.

    Alternatively, you could start over and go with a [dirted](https://www.tropicalfishcareguides.com/dirted-tank-setup/) tank. It’ll take a little more setup, but the results are outstanding for plants, being basically set it and forget it for any root-feeders. You’ll still need some additional sand though.

  2. For raising shrimp, lay that Cholla wood on its side.

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