1. It looks like you’re about to have more shrimp. That one is fanning water over her eggs

  2. Yeah, she looks berried, although not a whole lot of eggs, might be a new mom. It’s normal, hope you’ll get lots of shrimplets.

    I hope you have moss or hidey-holes for the babies. Most fish will eat them, as they hatch a mini-mini version of their parents, with no larval period.

    Also, careful with the filter, if it’s extra sucky and has a lot of holes they can squeeze in, they will do so and possibly die. And also careful with water changes, as they are super small. In both cases, add fine pantyhose over the filter/ cleaning head to prevent such accidents.

  3. Normal.

  4. Shrimp be shrimpin’, yo.

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Keeping Shrimp
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