Ideas on this shrimp tank? My shrimp simply disappear. Water assessments good. Tank is 74 levels. 1 vampire shrimp. Numerous…

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  1. Do they show up in your filter ground to bits? You may need to add a sponge prefilter to your hang on back filter input.

  2. Besides checking the filter for your missing shrimp there’s another thing….if they are dying then you should find some bodies. Probably not all the bodies, but you should see some.

    If you haven’t found any bodies, and you don’t find everyone living the good life in the filter…you might have a predatory nymph of some insect hunting and eating your shrimp.

    Dragonfly and Mayfly are just a few insects that hatch and spend they early lifeforms in water. And they are extreme predators in this environment. Any small creatures, like copepods and small worms, are their first food items. As they grow they can start catching and eating baby shrimp.

    Eventually, as they grow and get close to morphing into their adult stage, they can take down adult shrimp.

    Check you filter first. Then look around you tank for any nymph. They usually get into our tanks as tiny babies or eggs attacked to/hiding in plants.

  3. get a sponge filter with , its provides a feeding area for babies and wont suck them in

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