1. Looks like a ghost, if he keeps growing and develops green/brown stripes than most likely bamboo shrimp

  2. Reddit’s video player fucking sucks so I can’t see more than a split second but it looks more like an amano to me.

  3. I can’t see the dots along the sides, so I’m leaning toward ghost.

  4. Looks like a ghost shrimp to me

  5. Ghost shrimp, but if it’s the same body shape as the cherry shrimp just different color then a snowball shrimp

  6. I have a LOT of Amanos (over 30 in different tanks) and I don’t think its an Amano. They aren’t this opaque.

  7. Thats a ghost shrimp lol

  8. Ghost shrimp would be my guess, but I can’t be totally sure without a photo from the side.

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