I went overseas for 3 weeks for my marriage ceremony. Left by brother in cost No losses, a lot of shrimp and guppy infants, and…

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  1. Gotta admit that the first one with the pillars looks really cool with all that algae… congrats on no losses and the wedding!

  2. As long as no losses I guess he did a great job lol

  3. The algae on the sides looks nice

  4. It could have been worse! But that much algae seems like a bunch, did he forget to turn the lights off the whole time?

    Edit to say I didn’t mean that to be snarky if it seemed like, I have a cube that I literally haven’t done maintenance on in the 6 months I’ve had it going and there isn’t that much algae in it so I’m curious.

  5. Been there buddy. Hope clean up doesn’t give you too much trouble.

  6. Buy one of those daily pill dispensers meant for prescription meds, and put the proper amount of food for each tank into one.

    Keeps relatives from feeding your tanks to death.

    Then get your lights on a timer and strictly order not to touch.

  7. At least they are still alive.

    Still upset when a family member turned off the air pump and filter because it “was making noise”

    RIP 5yo angel fish

    Congrats on the babies lol

  8. Well, he successfully grew things. Now that the feeding is back to normal, and a good scrape, you should be fine.

    Edit: as back to normal as you can be now that you have babies to feed.

  9. I came back to similar after only 4 days! I figure it was that he forgot to turn off the light or something. Who knows!

  10. Cool tank & layout.

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