1. I can’t tell 100% because I can’t tell if it’s segmented (like an earthworm), or get a good sense of scale. Can you estimate size?

    The most common worms in tanks are detritus worms, which are usually harmless (if kind of gross) in well-cleaned tanks. They’ll eat waste in the substrate, and fish will usually snack on them. Yours looks much too thick to be a detritus worm, and they’re the ones that will have segmentation.

    Planaria are dangerous in shrimp tanks, and a huge nuisance to get rid of. They will feast on your shrimplets and shrimp eggs, and any adult shrimp that they can catch. They have a flat, ribbon-like body and a slightly triangular head (which you can’t always see). Trying to clear them up is a bear because part of a planaria becomes a whole planaria, so you can’t just pull them out. If you have planaria, you need to get rid of them. Unfortunately, I think yours is a planaria. It’s too fat and large to be a detritus worm or a nematode.

    Carpet bomb those suckers. Leave no planaria alive.

  2. The way it moves around tells me it’s some sort of leech. Planaria don’t ‘inch’ like that. Either way, get it out.

  3. I vote leech

  4. Looks like a planaria worm, if he is alone it won’t create any problem to your aquarium.
    Probably he was attached on some plant, rock or wood that you have bought for your aquarium.
    If you see many of them you have a serious problem cause they might eat the shrimp’s eggs or even the shrimps themselves.

  5. Planaria. Same rule as cockroach. If u see one there are prob more and like to eat your baby shrimp. Almost impossible to get rid of

  6. Looks like planaria I would keep an eye out for them sometimes there’s more than 1. Always suck them up if they break apart you can make 2 when u had them I would turn on my tank light early and get them while they’re still out for the night

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